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I could spend days, months, or even years
Trying to get this right
But i'll always be in the shadows
Never in your sight

I could double check every word
Trying to tell the truth
But you still won't understand
So i'll hold myself aloof

I want to write with such eloquence
That you'll be powerless under my spell
But my pen can't rescue me
From my finely written hell

I can't complain about this punishment
As it is one that i devised
With all my pretty songs i trapped us
Though i never lied

I tried to make our love so beautiful
The stuff of fairy tales
And for a while it seemed like that
Although our charms did fail

But i tried to round off the corners
Make the edges seem so smooth
When really we were just a boy and girl
Searching for the truth.
This is about my ex-boyfriend- it's kind of showing how, one of the reasons i'm finding it so difficult to forget about him, is i read the poetry i wrote, while we were together, and just after we broke up, and i can't remember how much i really loved him, and how much i just needed romance for my writing...hope this makes sense.
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July 22, 2011
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